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Re-New’s C-rPET Renew System

Renew System’s chemical depolymerization technology is a low-temperature methanolysis
that can completely decompose waste PET bottles or waste polyester fibers,
which are commonly encountered in daily life, consuming a small amount of energy at room temperatrue.
This technology can also continuously produce various high-yielding,
high-quality raw materials such as BHET, BHPT, BHBT, DOTP, etc.
through irreversible substitution of DMT end groups without changing equipment.

Chemical recycling emerged as an alternative to overcome the setbacks of mechanical recycling which maintained low recycle rate with lesser quality.
The chemical process can break down PET or polyester textiles - otherwise known as depolymerization - into molecular level, or monomers, which improves the recycle rate.

The existing chemical recycling technology, however, has its own set of issues to solve, as it uses up a lot of energy and catalyst, is not easy to commercialize, and cannot guarantee the purity of the product.

Renew System’s C-rPET technology is a leap forward from the existing method as its chemical processes can even use colored, contaminated PET (methanolysis) and polyester textile blends (glycolysis) as feedstock at a lower temperature, at room pressure, using inexpensive catalyst that can produce high-purity BHET, DMT intermediate, and its derivatives – BHPT, BHBT, and DOTP.

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